Top Sellers

"My Crabby Wallet has been in constant use and abuse for 13 months now, including bouncing along in my handlebar bag as I biked the length of Colombia over several weeks. It still looks and functions great. Best slim wallet ever!"

Stephen C - New Zealand

"Simple and durable. A lot of functionality in such a small container. An excellent price when comparing other similar wallets. Worth every penny."

Rusty Shackleford

"Hotel card, safe box key, cash, and iPhone... The Crabby Wallet is the best travel wallet I've ever used!"

Jeff Twede - Professional Videographer 

"Love this wallet. It's only as thick as what I keep in it. The strap is secure and I can sit with it in my back pocket all day without any discomfort."


"So thin! I love how this cuts down on the bulk of a normal wallet. Looks nice and sturdy.  I would recommend this to anyone trying to lighten their daily load."

Lisa Lucas

"I decided to give it a run during New York Comic Con packed with the essentials; four days later I was sold! It slips easily into a back pocket with no bulge and I've even had it in my front pockets without feeling or seeing it. I'm now a minimalist convert."

"Easy to use, great for travel, holds all you need. This small wallet will hold cash, cards, driver's licenses securely, but won't take up much room. Great to carry in a purse. Pretty sure my wife is taking mine"

Bradley Bevers



The Crabby Wallet was first launched as a Kickstarter project.  With a successful campaign, we were able to take the Crabby Wallet from prototype to production.  The Kickstarter community loved the wallet just as much as we did.  Because of their support, Crabby Gear now exists.