L3 Leather Wallet - Mammoth

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The L3 leather wallet is our classiest wallet yet, combining a stunning minimalist design with maximum utility. Modern style and intelligent craft have created the ultimate thin wallet for minimalists. We know it’s not just a lifestyle – it’s who you are. The Crabby Wallet combines a minimalist design with maximum utility so that you can live your life carrying just the essentials. Truly the choice minimalist wallet, the Crabby Wallet facilitates a lifestyle of simplicity and focus. With this wallet, you can mitigate stress and free your attention to focus on the things in life that really matter.

THE MINIMALIST WALLET – Break up with bulky wallets for good. The Crabby Wallet is sleek and slim with no unnecessary flaps or pockets, and it fits perfectly into your lifestyle.
HOLDS ALL YOU NEED – The Crabby Wallet can hold up to 10 cards along with some cash, your phone, and a couple of keys. It holds everything you need and nothing you don’t to keep you travelling light.
STYLISH & SIMPLE – This wallet’s classic design keeps a low profile. Our ultra small wallet has room for up to 10 cards along with cash, a phone, and a couple of keys.

SUPER SECURE – The strong and lightweight 100% elastic construction provides maximum durability in a super slim wallet. The durable elastic band holds everything in firmly while allowing easy access.
INCLUDES LOBSTER CLAW KEYCHAIN – Clip your car or apartment key to the keychain for jingle-free security or use the keychain to strap the Crabby Wallet to your pocket.