The Benefits of Hammock Sleeping

Written by Sarah Spedding


Posted on May 17 2021

At one point you might have asked yourself, “Are there any benefits to sleeping in hammocks?”  We have some answers and we think you’ll like what you read.

HAMMOCKS HELP YOU ACHIEVE THE IDEAL SLEEPING POSITION: A hammock will naturally move you into the ideal sleeping position—and keep you there. Physicians associated with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine state that your body should be on its back with the head elevated about 10-30%.  This is the ideal scenario for restful sleep. Hammocks help you achieve this sleeping position and prevent you from rolling into positions that may hurt your back. Think about it: traditional beds force us into all sorts of unhealthy sleeping contortions where we may end up hurting our backs.  (Remember waking up with cricks in your neck or lower back?) That being said, it is super important that your hammock is set up correctly to reap the benefits. More about that at the end of the list!

HAMMOCKS HELP YOU FALL ASLEEP FASTER: Sleeping in a hammock can help you fall asleep faster. Yes, really. This could be due, somewhat, to the fact that you're already in a comfortable sleeping position, or it could also be the gentle rocking of the hammock, which does tend to lull you into a relaxed, drowsy state. (Think about sleepy babies rocked to sleep by their bleary-eyed parents.) Studies have been done on the amount of time it takes people to fall asleep; half of them in traditional beds and half in hammocks. The study concluded that there was a quicker transition to sleepytown when in the swaying bed for all patients.

 HAMMOCKS HELP YOU ENJOY A DEEPER SLEEP. In addition to falling asleep faster, hammock sleep also tends to be much deeper. Hammocking can help you achieve REM sleep, which is the most restful form of sleep, leading to increased memory, less anxiety, and sharper focus. Further, deep sleep is associated with a better mood,  improved work performance, stronger immunity, muscle and tissue reparation, and restored energy. It is even suggested that because of this deeper sleep, you may sleep longer as well. Sign us up.

HAMMOCKS GIVE YOU ZERO-PRESSURE POINT REST. Hammocks are just really comfortable, right? A hammock is a zero-pressure point system. There are no “specific” contact points between the sleep surface and your body. Think about it: on a hard surface, your body is forced to conform to the surface where you are lying. A hammock conforms to your body, providing equal pressure throughout, rather than creating pressure in spots on your body that make restless and painful situations.

HAMMOCK SWAYING HELPS YOUR BRAIN. Swaying is a soothing action for a lot of people. This swaying will impact your brain waves, making you relax. Swaying can even help you unwind, even if you aren't necessarily sleeping. 

HAMMOCKS CAN HELP DEAL WITH INSOMNIA. Lots of people suffer from insomnia, which can cause a large amount of physical and psychological issues.  It’s been discovered that hammocks may aid with managing certain types of insomnia. If you often find yourself unable to get a night of deep, restful sleep and wake up frequently throughout the night, then try a hammock.

HAMMOCKS ARE HYGIENIC. A hammock is so easy to wash! With proper washing, you can eliminate the chance of bed bugs, dust mites, or other allergens.  Think about the sweat and dead skin cells that would be absorbed by a mattress but can be washed away with a hammock. Um, yuck. 

Finally, your hammock must be set up correctly to reap these benefits. Keep these points in mind:

  1. Pick the right place to set your hammock up: Set up your hammock well away from a water source and use an established site that has no vegetation to damage. Also, check under and around the hammock for any object that might injure you if you fall out.
  2. Pick suitable trees and use wide straps: that means healthy, robust trees and be sure they are not harboring creatures you might disturb.
  3. Pick the right strap angle and height to hang your hammock: The goal is about a 30-degree angle between the strap and the ground, with the hammock bottom 18 inches from the ground.

There’s the proof, friends!  Enjoy hammocking and sleeping in a hammock, resting easy that it is good for you.