Crabby’s Top 10 EDC Items

Written by Sarah Spedding


Posted on March 15 2021

Are you looking for something in your pocket you might be missing?  Crabby has compiled the must-have top 10 essentials list for a reliable EDC. 

Drum roll, please:

  1. Crabby Wallet - Minimalist & organized for all of your cards and cash
  2. Knife - Don't overkill here. Remember, the right size and weight for you is key
  3. Flashlight - Consider one that clips on a keyring. Brightness and mass are important
  4. Pen - Compactness is a necessity. Ability to write in extreme conditions and positions? Yes
  5. Pocket Tool - Number of uses is paramount, the ability to clip on a keyring is a significant factor
  6. Key Organizer - Something that nixes the fumbling that can happen with regular keyrings
  7. Multi-tool - A smart pocketknife with a mix of essential tools is always a win
  8. Comb - Simple, slim, and small
  9. Notebook - Pocket-sized with a cover to keep notes protected
  10. Valet Tray - Even EDC’s can’t spend EVERY minute in a pocket or pack.  Choose something "Just big enough"

Did we miss anything? Let us know what items you would like to see from Crabby Gear that you would love to have in your arsenal, and we’ll get to work on it!