The EDC Lowdown

Written by Sarah Spedding


Posted on February 15 2021

Have you ever heard the term “every-day carry”? Maybe EDC? If not, you’re not alone.  We’re about to break it down for you.  

An “Every-Day Carry” is a collection of useful items that someone would consistently carry with them on the daily. In a broader and more familiar sense, a woman carries certain things in her purse: her phone, lipstick, wallet, gum, keys, etc.  In an EDC sense, items are held more for utility and preparedness.  Think along the lines of a Crabby Wallet, a pocketknife, or a multi-function tool. A flashlight and a watch are some folk’s must-carry, while in other cases, a gun is an essential part of an EDC. 

Not gender-specific, some folks carry their EDC items in their pockets while others use a bag or backpack filled with things to help individuals overcome everyday problems.  These items can help someone in unexpected and sometimes dangerous situations and are not always functional.  Maybe a lucky coin is part of your EDC. It’s entirely up to you. Your EDC can be as unique as you are. 

What would you carry? What wouldn’t you carry? Today’s EDC has quickly turned into an aesthetic with plenty of smart-looking items in a plethora of options and colors.  If you’re interested, there is ample information online to help you curate your essential collection. Take a look--it might just get you started down an EDC path of your own. 


Photo by @theIanlegend on Instagram