The V2 Crabby Wallet is a much needed improvement over the V1. If you are a fan of minimalist wallets, this will serve your needs well. I don't ever use the strap to attach it to my phone, but rather to hold temporary items like gift cards, movies tickes, cash, receipts, etc... The strap of the V2 is wider than the original and has a rubber lining on the underside that prevents slippage of items held within its grasp. This works well with few cards to quite a lot of cards (I have a friend who fits 10+ into his).


This wallet is perhaps the best wallet I've ever had. Its small and allows for various cards. I love the fabric that the wallet is made out of because it doesnt get dirty easily its very well made and the stitching is solid. The band on the elastic strip is very durable and is easily movable for quick access for cards. The little loop on the side is great for looping in a few keys on a key ring.

Eduardo Alvarez

It holds much more than I anticipated. It is very well made. I use the key fob to hold the little gym plastic scan things. I like how it holds just what I need. I was able to put only my necessary cards in it. I'm good with that! Good price as well.

Satisfied Customer

Fantastic product, from concept to execution!

Dave Waters

I have been sitting on my big, old leather wallet for years now and I finally decided I'd had enough. I came across the Crabby Wallet and decided to pull the trigger. And I'm glad I did. This thing is great. I only carry around what I need: a few cards, some cash and some of my business cards. It stays comfortably in my front pocket along with my keys and pocket knife and doesn't noticeably take up any extra room.

Chris Kamprath

This is an amazing wallet! I'm a woman and usually have to lug around a purse or bag or whatever it is for the day. Sometimes when I go to the farmers market or walks with the dog, or simple outings, I don't carry a bag around. I usually just try and stuff everything in all of my pockets (like credit card, bank card, drivers license, money, car key, phone). This has completely simplified that.

Christiane Wentz

When I first opened the package, I thought there was no way this tiny thing would be sufficient. But after doing some soul searching about what I actually used in my wallet, there turned out to be plenty of room.

J. Gardner

This is wallet minimalism perfected! I have purchased other slim, minimalist wallets and this blows everything else out of the water.


"My Crabby Wallet has been in constant use and abuse for 13 months now, including bouncing along in my handlebar bag as I biked the length of Colombia over several weeks. It still looks and functions great. Best slim wallet ever!"

Stephen C - New Zealand

"Simple and durable. A lot of functionality in such a small container. An excellent price when comparing other similar wallets. Worth every penny."

Rusty Shackleford

This is exactly what I was looking for for my boyfriend. He had been using broccoli rubber bands as a money clip, and had tried another wallet that seemed minimalist, but turned out not to be so functional. This wallet is perfect for cards and cash.

Coconut Girl

The Crabby V2 wallet is a great minimalist wallet. I was able to fit about 10 cards total, with 5 going in each slot. Having to undo the elastic band can take a while to get used to but the size of this wallet can't be beat. It's great for either back or front wallet carrying.


I love the design and the feel. Perfect size and durable.

Satisfied Customer

This is great for going to class to carry my apartment card, IDs, credit card, a few dollars, and my bike key.
Looks really cool and hip too. Went from checking my right, left, and back pocket (phone, keys, wallet) to just my right pocket (phone, keys, wallet). Paranoia averted.

K.M. "UCSB Student"

I've been using it for a couple of days now and I really like the compact size. I'm liking this wallet more and more as I use it. I am coming from a leather bifold that was getting quite bulky. I've had to ditch my pack rat mentality which is necessary with this wallet.

Gadgets and Things

Really like this wallet. Not a whole lot to it, but it keeps everything I need right where I need it. Extremely slim and nothing falls out. Heck of a lot better than having a huge bifold or trifold again. Definitely a keeper.

B Mitchel

I love the Crabby Wallet. I've given two away as gifts and just bought a new one to replace my first one I received a while ago when they were first released. I had an issue with the first one when it arrived. It had a slight defect. I contacted customer support about the defect and they replaced it right away for me. Great customer service.


Not your Dad's wallet. This is probably one of the most compact and well designed front pocket wallets I have ever seen.

N. Langley

 I was skeptical at first, but now I'm a believer. My husband is guilty of carrying gift cards, credit cards, punch cards, notes, etc and his wallet was huge. In fact, it was so big that it threw his balance off when sitting down and was starting to cause back problems. So I decided to give this to him for a birthday present. It was tough trying to convince him to give up a bunch of cards he never used, but in the end he now loves it.

Real Mama Reviews

"Hotel card, safe box key, cash, and iPhone... The Crabby Wallet is the best travel wallet I've ever used!"

Jeff Twede - Professional Videographer 

"Love this wallet. It's only as thick as what I keep in it. The strap is secure and I can sit with it in my back pocket all day without any discomfort."


"So thin! I love how this cuts down on the bulk of a normal wallet. Looks nice and sturdy.  I would recommend this to anyone trying to lighten their daily load."

Lisa Lucas

This is a great wallet for the bare minimalist. This is the wallet to get if you really only carry the bare minimum or are looking to force yourself to do so.  I carry it in my front left pocket with my phone, and figured I would switch back to my old an faithful leather billfold, but so far I haven't missed it and have really enjoyed all of the extra space in my pockets!

Dennis Phillips


Great wallet! I've been looking to transition from my back pocket to my front pocket for a while now due to comfort issues and because my cards eventually start bending which then causes them not to work in some card readers. After reading reviews and looking at the Kickstarter it looks like version 2 is a huge improvement over the first and I will say the build quality is great.


 So thin! I love how this cuts down on the bulk of a normal wallet. Looks nice and sturdy. I would recommend this to anyone trying to lighten their daily load.

Lisa Lucas

I really like this wallet. Or as we like to call these types of wallets, a smallet. They are just so perfect. I have purchased a smallet for both my husband and one of my sons.

Carol S

I love it. I have always liked to reduce the bulk in my pockets, and this wallet is perfect for it. Highly recommended (unless you need the bulk to remember that you didn't lose your wallet)

Adam Carmack

The Crabby Gear V2 is a great minimalist wallet. It's a little smaller than the size of a credit card, but is stretchy and expands to what you want to put in it (probably up to 8-10 cards if you wanted to push it). This wallet has let me size down from a thick leather wallet down to something that can easily fit in a front pant or shirt pocket.


Just as advertised and loving it! Perfect wallet for me. I have never been a fan of the George Costanza wallet, making all of my previous wallet choices slim and only capable of holding 5-7 cards max. The other wallets I've have were always made out of leather and tended to stretch, allowing my cards to fall out too easily. This wallet is obviously more secure with the strap but even without it, my contents stay in place very well!


Wow! When I opened the package i was pleasantly surprised. I mean, I read reviews about how small the wallet was, but i really never expected it. Ive been looking for the perfect wallet as I only carry around about 7-8 cards with me (DL & CCs)... i wanted something small that wouldnt leave a bulge in my pocket. This was perfect - it fit my 7 cards and kept them together in a nice little tight package.

Skinny Sal

"I decided to give it a run during New York Comic Con packed with the essentials; four days later I was sold! It slips easily into a back pocket with no bulge and I've even had it in my front pockets without feeling or seeing it. I'm now a minimalist convert."

"Easy to use, great for travel, holds all you need. This small wallet will hold cash, cards, driver's licenses securely, but won't take up much room. Great to carry in a purse. Pretty sure my wife is taking mine"

Bradley Bevers