Canvas Adventure Series - Mountain

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STYLISH & SIMPLE - This canvas wallet's design keeps a low profile. Specially created for those with a distinctive style, the blue mountain design will remind you that adventure is never far away

MINIMALIST WALLET - Break up with bulky wallets for good. The Crabby Wallet is a sleek and slim cardholder with no unnecessary flaps or pockets, and it fits perfectly into your lifestyle

HOLDS ALL YOU NEED - The Crabby Wallet can hold up to 10 cards along with some cash, your phone, and a couple of keys. It holds everything you need and nothing you don't to always keep you traveling light

SUPER SECURE - The strong and lightweight construction provides maximum durability in a super slim wallet. The durable elastic band holds everything firmly while staying as flat as possible and allowing easy access to all of your necessities

INCLUDES LOBSTER CLAW KEYCHAIN - Clip your car or apartment key to the key-chain for jingle-free security or use the key chain to strap this ultra-thin wallet - 4 inches X 2 inches X 0.1 inches - to your pocket.

Customer Reviews

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Adrian Randall
Now onto my fourth - still Loyal

Unexpected, I find myself in the Loyal category.

In 2013/4, following a clear out of Credit, Loyalty, travel and ID cards, mostly loading them onto my smartphone – I found and tried a couple of minimalist wallets on Kickstarter. I stuck with the strictly functional Crabby (I threw away the keychain that arrived on the third one).
It is in everyday use and the silicone grip in the elastic seems to last me about 3½ years. So I also bought them in 2017 and 2020 and now ordering my 4th. Though I’d like them to last longer, I still regard them as good value.

Dustin Miller

I just got this to replace my 3 year old elastic wallet from crabby; it's still holding up well but wanted to change things up a bit.

My old elastic wallent kept up well, it's conformed to the number of cards I usually keep and the band is stretched out just enough to keep tight around that little bit of bulk. I think I kept 8 normal thickness cards [like CC, License] and then a bunch of paper thin ones [Dental/Vision insurance, etc] along with some cash.

With this being brand-new, it was a little tough to put in, but I am supposing that with some time it will also conform to what I put in it. Material feels great, and I like the band has little bumps as opposed to the rubber strip my elastic one had before my kiddo ripped it off. Don't think that would happen with the bumps.

My only test will be seeing if an airtag will fit in the other pocket of the wallet with what I have. If not, I'll probably look at the Spigen Airtag wallet unless crabby has one that I haven't seen yet.

Great wallet

I bought mine about a year ago, and I love it! It's super lightweight and compact, and can hold everything I need it to. And it's durable; I've had no issues with tearing or stretching or anything. I highly recommend, especially if you don't have too many things you want to carry in your wallet.

Juliett Ryan

Great gift for someone who is looking for a small wallet

Patricia C.

This is the $5 bargain, right? I am keeping them in packet until next year. Unable to review.