About Us

We are Crabby Gear; a company that is determined to bring you the highest quality adventure gear at the most affordable prices.
Crabby was born in historic Ogden, Utah, and is inspired by the love we have for Utah’s rugged beauty and these wild outdoor spots, as well as the experiences that living an active lifestyle can bring.
Kickstarter gave our ideas the air to breathe!  Launching in March of 2013, we were supported by domestic and international pledges and beat our $10,000 goal in 24 hours.  This crucial funding meant that we could start with our founding product, the Crabby Wallet: a minimalist cash and card carrier that fit the bill for durability and simplicity.  Available in leather, canvas, and elastic they have been received by customers throughout the world as an essential every day carry.  
From our very first wallets, and then on to belts, caps and socks, our product line has grown and changed as the company has evolved. Our vision is to bring to fruition a full line of gear that satisfies the needs of novice adventurers as well as the seasoned pros. We want to give you the freedom to move and keep going! 
Because our beginning was so heavy in receiving financial donations, we want to turn that around and give back.  We have been involved in donations to the homeless as well as free haircut days for folks who may not be able to afford it.  With plans in the works for more service projects, we can’t help but be thankful for the goodness we have received over the years. 
We believe in YOU and the lives that you are living!  We listen to your input and very often include YOU in the decisions about our coming products.  Your voice matters and we will do our best to support you in your endeavors.  At Crabby Gear we believe in getting the most out of life. Our mission is to provide quality minimalistic products that do their job but don’t get in your way, allowing you to live life in a simple, active way, every day.