Elastic Crabby Wallet - Red

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MINIMALIST WALLET - Break up with bulky wallets for good. The Crabby Wallet is a sleek and slim cardholder with no unnecessary flaps or pockets, and it fits perfectly into your lifestyle

HOLDS ALL YOU NEED - The Crabby Wallet can hold up to 10 cards along with some cash, your phone, and a couple of keys. It holds everything you need and nothing you don?t to keep you traveling light

STYLISH & SIMPLE - This 100 percent elastic wallet's classic black design keeps a low profile

SUPER SECURE - The strong and lightweight construction provides maximum durability in a super slim wallet. The durable elastic band holds everything firmly while allowing easy access

INCLUDES LOBSTER CLAW KEYCHAIN - Clip your car or apartment key to the key-chain for jingle-free security or use the key chain to strap this ultra-thin wallet - 4 inches X 2 inches X 0.1 inches - to your pocket

Customer Reviews

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Great simple wallet

I've had mine for a few years [ordered October 4, 2019] and just purchased a canvas one to replace this, though it still technically functions fine, if just a little stretched at this point.

For just holding 10-12ish cards (8 regular thickness cards, like credit cards, license, Sams/Costco Membership cards and like 6 paper thin cards (various health insurance cards) and some cash it's perfect.

I think the only issue I ran into mine with was that my little one at the time pulled off a bunch of the rubbery stuff on the underside of the elastic band. It didn't affect my functionality of it, since I didn't put a key or something else in between the band and the wallet, but just a note.

My new canvas wallet has little rubbery bumps instead, so I wonder if a new one of these would have that too. Would likely be better for the literal curious prying fingers of a little one.

Again, after 3 years it has conformed to what I carry, is easy enough to pull the cards out without worry of it all falling apart.

The only other thing I'm gonna test out is if I can put an airtag or tile tracker in one of the pockets of my new canvas one, not sure how thick they are but if it doesn't work out I might consider the Spigen Airtag wallet. I'm pretty sure my elastic one would handle it no problem if [1] I didn't have some cash in the pocket or [2] had a pocket on the other side.

This one will go in my spares drawer in case something happens and I need it again. Good buy for sure, definitely wouldn't consider something like a Ridgewallet; too $$$$ for what you get I think.

3rd Times the Charm!

This is my 3rd Crabby wallet. I purchased my 1st one YEARS ago during the Kickstarter Campaign which launched the company. Half-way between then and now I purchased the 2nd one. I hope the company is around for a very long time because this is my all-time favorite wallet and I never want to have to someday find a different one because they stop making them.

Bryan Crabtree
Only Wallet I’ll buy twice

I already have had one of these wallets for several years now. Same color, same type, it finally wore out. Happy to get another one, works perfectly for its design. I am interested in seeing if they’ll ever release the “dots” on the holding strip with regular colors instead of the adv. series.

Pasquale La Motta

shipments also valid in Italy?

Barry Regan
Return customer

I try lots of wallets and I kept returning to my Crabby. When it got too stretched out, I had to get another one. I’ve never done that before. Best wallet I have ever owned